San Galgano & Montalcino by minivan - full day tour -

From 9am till 6pm

(9 hours approximately)


1-3 persons – 300 Euros p.p.

4-8 persons – 205 Euros p.p

The complex of San Galgano consists of the Hermitage or Rotonda of Montesiepi and the ruins of the great Circestense’s abbey dedicated to San Galgano, one of the most evocative and spiritual that can be found in Tuscany.


One fact above all must be mentioned: in 1550 a.c. the Commendatore Girolamo Vitelli came to sell (after the jewels of the treasure and who knows what else) the main roof. Despite some attempts to restore the convent in 1789, after the rotunda of Montesiepi was elevated to Pieve, the great abbey was deconsecrated and left permanently to ruin. Today the San Galgano abbey hosts many events such as music festivals and theatre plays


The town of Montalcino, sanctuary of this wine obtained from the pure Sangiovese grapes, stands on a charming hill that will let you relish its natural wholesomeness. The town, its century-old fortress, and its famous winerie worldwide reviewed and rank among the best on specialised magazines are the main destination of our outing.

Great skills and techniques in the cellar, including a long aging process in barrels made from valuable wood, make Brunello, rewarded with the title of “Italian ambassador in the world of our winemaking reality”, the most highly regarded wine in the world.
You will have the opportunity to taste prestigious wines
at the best wineries of the territory, and to discover Montalcino and the wonderful surrounding area

The Tour includes:

  1. Visit to San Galgano

  2. Visit to Murlo

  3. Visit to Cortona

  4. Visit and tipical lunch in the Castle of Montalcino

  5. Visit to SanAntimo and wine tasting of vineyard di Montalcino

  6. Transportation by minivan to and from your accommodation

  7. Accompanying driver in Italian, English or Spanish

* In the absence of the availability of the company, visit and tasting it will be carried forward at a winery that produces wine Nobile di Montepulciano 

** extra price with an authorized guide in Italian, English or Spanish: 40 €/h