The race, one of the oldest in the world

 JULY 2, 2019


with entrance from the KEY LARGO Bar - Via Rinaldini n.17 for a total of 30 seats standing in 2 numbered files

From 550 € per person with full bar, Aperitif Buffet and bathroom 

The bar is for the exclusive use of our customers with entrance hall and counter, toilets, stairs to climb into the dining room with loft with chairs for Aperitif Buffet in OPEN BAR, original stone stairs to climb the balcony

SITTING TO THE CURVA CASATO, stage without services from 350 € per person

SITTING TO THE MOSSA, stage without services from 600 € per person


The Palio of Siena takes place normally twice a year, on July 2 in honor of the Madonna of Provenzano and onAugust 16 for the Assumption. It 's a unique experience in life, the celebration of an entire community that connects the square force, rivalry, feelings, and a spectacular show in one of the most beautiful frames of the world: Piazza del Campo.

See the Palio is simple yet complex if you want to live an unforgettable moment. Piazza is free in the midst of many people, from STAGES you can witness sitting at a fixed location, in BALCONIES or WINDOWS the situation is privileged, especially if you can enjoy specific add facilities a pleasant wait during the historic parade, and only the race! 

In the three days that precede, it is lined with several tests including the famous General followed by Dinner in Contrada to experience the atmosphere directly with the protagonists. With our help you can get close to this in a complete world, always followed by an expert hand of the territory!

Experience Professionalism and Transparency at your service!


EXCLUSIVE BALCONY at the gripping curve of SAN MARTINO

with entry from the Bar KEY LARGO - Via Rinaldini n.17 of a total of 30 people standing in 2 numbered rows

July 2nd from € 550 per person with Bar at total disposal, Buffet aperitif and bathroom

The bar is exclusive of our customers with entrance hall and bar, toilet, stairs to the room with a mezzanine with chairs for aperitif buffet in OPEN BAR service, original stone stairs to go up in the Balcony 


PACKAGE 2 DAYS "Experience the thrill of the Palio"
h. 14:30 guided tour of the historic center of Siena
h. 17:30 tasting at a winery in the historic center of Siena
h. 18:45 entrance in Piazza del Campo for the test of the Palio
h. 20:30 dinner in Contrada
h. 14:00 benediction of the horse
h. 15:00 entrance in Piazza del Campo for the Historical Parade
h. 16:00 privileged access to the Bar Key Largo to take place on the Balcony

900.00 per person



Palio and much More......

Tests and General Trial from 50 € per person

Dinner of the General Trial from 75 € per person

Walking tour of Siena from 25 € per person  BOOK NOW

Wine Tastings in our wine shop "EMPORIO MEDITERRANEO" a few steps from Piazza del Campo from 25 € per person




Want to visit Museum, Oratory, Bursar and Stall of a Contrada in the historic center of Siena?



Our customers are also invited to a "Palio toast" at our Enoteca corner of Piazza del Campo EMPORIO MEDITERRANEOwhere they will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of bottles.


SOME HISTORICAL  The "Career", as it is traditionally called the race, is a competition between Contradas (each of the seventeen historical divisions within the medieval walls of the city) in the form of a carousel horse of medieval origin.
The history of the Palio of Siena is very detailed and complex and has its roots in an age still more remote. In Italian cities of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries it was the custom to organize horse racing, both as a public spectacle, both as a competition between the various horse farms owned by the noble citizens. These origins ideally represent the various pageants that still take place in Italy.

The Palio race is named, not only in Siena, for the prize: the Palio from the Latin pallium (woolen cloak) which was usually a cloth of very fine cloth that was used for different purposes. The race, one of the oldest in the world, takes place in the central square of Siena, Piazza del Campo, unique for its original shell shape and renowned throughout the world for its beauty and architectural integrity. For an old convention the square and the Palazzo Pubblico do not belong to any Contrada.