Privileged access to the Key-Largo bar to take a seat on the balcony

  Entrance to Piazza del Campo for the Palio rehearsals RECOMMEND WINE AND TOUR ....

  • EXCLUSIVE BALCONY at the gripping curve of SAN MARTINO
  • with entry from the KEY LARGO Bar - Via Rinaldini n.17 - standing places in 2 numbered rows
  • with Bar at your complete disposal, Buffet Aperitif and Bathroom

The bar is an exclusive use of our customers with entrance hall and counter, bathroom, staircase to go up to the small room with mezzanine with chairs for aperitif Buffet in OPEN BAR, original stone staircase to climb into the Balcony.


The Palio of Siena is usually held twice a year : July 2nd Palio of July in honor of the Madonna of Provenzano and August 16th Palio of August in honor of the Madonna of the Assumption.
The "Career", as it is traditionally called the race, is a competition between Contradas (each of the seventeen historical divisions within the medieval walls of the city) in the form of a carousel horse of medieval origin.
The history of the Palio of Siena is very detailed and complex and has its roots in an age still more remote. In Italian cities of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries it was the custom to organize horse racing, both as a public spectacle, both as a competition between the various horse farms owned by the noble citizens. These origins ideally represent the various pageants that still take place in Italy.

The Palio race is named, not only in Siena, for the prize: the Palio from the Latin pallium (woolen cloak) which was usually a cloth of very fine cloth that was used for different purposes. The race, one of the oldest in the world, takes place in the central square of Siena, Piazza del Campo, unique for its original shell shape and renowned throughout the world for its beauty and architectural integrity. For an old convention the square and the Palazzo Pubblico do not belong to any Contrada.

Wine and Tours offers packages and promotions for the Palio of Siena, consisting of tickets for seats on the Stage and seating and standing on the Terraces and Windows.   send mail :

Guide to observation of the palio

Here is some useful information to enjoy the Palio. On this site, we can also organize Palio tickets (Trial and main game). Palio twice a year First of all, as basic information, the Palio is held twice a year. The dates are 2 July and 16 August (open the following day). First of all, let's plan what time to look. Hold a hotel The production of the Palio takes place from evening to evening. Therefore, unless you have a car,
it is recommended to stay in Siena in advance.
※ If it is not as soon as possible, you will see the full-fledged eyes of raising prices. For the same reason, it is safer to keep the restaurant for dinner. 3 day trial (trial) is also recommended Don't give up, even if you can't come to Siena on the day of the Palio because the dates of your trip are not suitable.
It is not known, but you can enjoy the atmosphere with enough power by observing the test called Proof
which will be performed from 3 days ago to the previous day. Especially in the afternoon Test (General Test),
the space will be full, so you can fully enjoy the passion of the Palio. (Just don't chase the race itself) Moreover, during this period, each Conradada has an outdoor party, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of a lively summer evening. Square school (free) or school (fee)



Free area merit · Can watch for free. · If you take a seat early, you can see it in the front seat. Disadvantages · I am standing and tired. · There are no toilets. · If you enter late, you will be positioned in the center of the square and you will not be able to see the race very well.
(The shorter one is even more so) · It will be long while there are many people. · I've been in the sun for a long time. (If you enter once, you can't leave unless in an emergency.)

Payment area merit · If you are in the stands, you can sit down and watch the game. (There is a rest area where you can sit inside even if
you are on a standing terrace.) · We can neglect everything with the right height and closeness. You can follow the horse race closely. · In the case of the terrace seat, there is a bathroom and a buffet.