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Hotel Alma Domus enjoys the privilege of being in the heart of the city of Siena is part of the ancient complex of the Sanctuary of Santa Caterina, situated in the territory of the Noble Contrada of the Goose, is just 5 minutes walk from "Piazza del Campo".

Many of the rooms have a balcony or window with wonderful views of the historic center of the city and the Duomo. (The city of Siena is universally known for its enormous historic, artistic, landscape and its substantial stylistic unity of the urban medieval, as well as the famous Palio of Siena. Per these merits, in 1995, its historic center is He was awarded the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site).

The hotel is located in an old art of wool puller (hedificium tiratorium), dating back probably to the first half of 1300, the property of Brunello di Brunaccio. The print run of the shoes was the last of the basic stages of textile production. After being tanned and fulled in fulling, the cloth was still wet stretched to dry on special tenditoi. The building, completely renovated, used in 1976 to receptive structure, preserves legible on the opposite lane Tiratoio, over five levels, a high basement area with a row of large rectangular windows on the upper floors of a lockout fourfold series loggias, architraves the second and fifth level, arc to second and third, the control parameter is brick. The interior of the old factory retains the mighty pillars on which rested the large trusses, in a view from the early seventeenth century, the artifact appears completely open on the side facing the Basilica San Domenico. The puller was among others merged a small building, on the coast from prospettante Camporegio falls in Fontebranda, much later but still existing in the land registry maps Leopold of 1811.