Olive Oil Festival in Chiusi


Feast of the new oil in Porsena Town from 18 to 20 November 2016 - Chiusi and ValdiChiana


Sangiovese Purosangue Siena, 11-12 November



The Association Enoclub Siena renews the appointment with Sangiovese

this time in the historical center of our city,

at the two bastions Italian Enoteca di Siena,

with the help and availability Ente Vini.

BaroloBrunello 2016 - 12 and 13 novembre 2016, Montalcino


It’s an unparalleled wine tasting appointment, that after last years’ large success will transform in an event with several dates along the year, enriched by initiatives and meetings related to the world of Barolo and Brunello.

1966-2016 The Vino Nobile di Montepulciano fro the DOC to the present

A big party in Montepulciano, 7 to 9 October, to celebrate 50 years since the first recognition in Italy of a wine of Denomination of Origin, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. The Consorzio del Vino Nobile, in collaboration with the Foundation Qualivita, wanted to create an event to relive the important phases of this period during which the name has grown to become one of the best known and appreciated Italian wines in the world. He will do it for the public, with various activities in Montepulciano for the whole weekend.

It is 1966, a year after the birth of the Consortium of producers, namely in the spring, when the market for the first time in Italy comes Vino Nobile di Montepulciano D.O.C. By implementing the Decree of the President of the Republic 930 of 1963 in fact, the fine Tuscan wine is among the top ten Italian wines to acquire this quality label. It has been fifty years since that first milestone that marked the growth of the denomination until arriving, again first wine in Italy, in 1980 to obtain the highest award, the DOCG. Since then, the Consortium of producers has grown hand in hand with the quality and reputation of Vino Nobile. Throughout 2016 we are in various events program to remember and retrace the history of one of the most appreciated Italian wines in the world.

Capriccio diVino - 25 Sept. 2016 Castel Fiorentino

Three hundred years of history marks the long journey of a great name, job away September 17, 1716, when Cosimo III de 'Medici issued the notice that enclosed the famous wine-producing regions, even then considered excellent, born Chianti Classico.

Capriccio Divino, in collaboration with the Consortium of Chianti Classico, honors and remembers the event with an important tasting Great Selection, with wines from different growing areas. Many companies will present their selections, a time of deepening, dissemination and knowledge of this type recently.

The wine tasting will be accompanied with the typical aromas of the Chianti Classico, reproduced naturally.


Open Cellars in Harvest: September 2016

In September the aroma of the grapes and the must welcomes wine enthusiasts in the cellars of the Wine Tourism Movement. It is the time when companies are full of incessant work in the vineyard and the selection of the best grapes, a charming time to visit the vineyards, winemakers participate with the grape harvest and the early stages of processing. To best accommodate the fans, companies organize special events such as art exhibitions, performances, concerts and much more. This is an event that, given the specificities of different harvest dates between regions and regions, zones and areas, gives way to organize a longer timetable for a tourist use which allows, why not go even in different regions.


Visit the site of the Wine Tourism Movement, click here!

Palio di Siena - August 16

Contradas that will run listed in order of extraction, then entrance in Piazza del Campo:

Leocorno, Bruco, Aquila, Pantera, Drago, Civetta, Giraffa, Tartuca, Nicchio, Lupa

Goblets of Stars 2016


Every year in town squares and wineries all over Italy on August 10, the night of the shooting stars, wine lovers raise their glasses for the most-anticipated toast of the summer.

Jazz & Wine


12 to 17 July 2016   Montalcino

19th Edition

The Wine Days


Also this year, the Strada del Vino of Arezzo stages "The Wine Days".

From April to October, a full calendar of events.