Cooking Class in a Chianti Farm from Siena

Price per person €100.00

Piazza Antonio Gramsci, 53100 Siena SI, Italien

Learn to cook like an Italian at a 4-hour cooking class, and enjoy a Tuscan meal in Siena. With your chef learn tips and techniques to make an Italian meal that you can recreate at home. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

The Traditions of Tuscany are strongly linked to its flavors and cuisine. We offer our guests cooking classes in the typical Tuscan style, to help them discover our roots and culture in a funny and original way. Once you meet with your tour escort, you will be comfortably escorted to the cooking location, right in the heart of the stunning Chianti area. Here you will finally meet with a local chef, and thanks to him learn about the secrets of our cooking, the basic ingredients of our tradition, and the magical way in which we combine them. From bruschetta to homemade pici to the myriad of crostini, you will bring home a bit of “Tuscanness” to your dinner table. Fall in love with Tuscany through its food.

EXECUTION DATES: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

DURATION: 5 hours

FROM: Piazza Gramsci, in front of "La Lizza Cafè"

AT TIME: 6:00 pm


  • All necessary ingredients
  • Cooking lesson with a local Chef
  • Dinner based on what you have prepared with drinks included